Community key values

Based on the community cultural images including the "care culture" in Guicheng, "filial culture" in Luocun and "fundamental-setting culture" in Shishan, Nanhai has carried forward the community key values of "care, filial, fundamental-setting and kind-hearted", achieved the common understanding of all Nanhai people in morality, given the spiritual force and intellectual support for the construction of happy Nanhai, and promoted the district image as well.

Urban construction for regional example

Nanhai has strengthened its urban plan, promoted its construction of central area, and optimized the construction of traffic facilities to join in the Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolitan Circle. It has also implemented the combination of industrial area and urban area to speed up the integration of urban and rural areas. In 2012, led by the development strategy of key force on center and both sides , Nanhai has carried out the three-year upgrading plan to build up a modern city of fast flowing of funds, technologies, personnel and information. This is Nanhai, an amazing city!

Fast and convenient traffic system

Nanhai has increasingly perfected its traffic system and constantly optimized its traffic facilities. It neighbors Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, next to Guangzhou South Railway Station, and has Foshan Airport in the within the area. It connects to Hong Kong, Macao and domestic cities with multiple highways and rails, and realizes the seamless connection of urban and rural areas by city and town buses. The public bicycle system fills up the gap of "the final kilometer" in the public traffic system, providing convenience to the citizens.

Complete business facilities

Nanhai pays attention to the construction of business environment, and perfects its business facilities and services gradually. It has the comfortable business hotels, high-class office buildings, high-standard recreational facilities, bustling shopping malls, superb collection of fashionable articles, and foods from all over the world. All these will make your business trip full of happy astonishments.