Nanhai Family ? Happy life

This is our loving home. You can feel the power of improvement and enjoy the fruits of development here. It can be found by careful citizens that in the past year, Nanhai has realized the free pre-age education and the more high-quality and equalized basic education, created more employment opportunities, obviously increased the income of both urban and rural residents, provided more efficient and convenient medical services with the "all-purpose card", enriched the public cultural service, expanded the services for old-aged, further improved the housing security, continuously enlarged social aids, developed its charity culture, and accepted more nonnative......Following the steps of civilization, let's start off again together to happiness!

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Nanhai Family

In September 2012, Nanhai formally started the construction of "Nanhai Family" to integrate and improve the urban management and social service resources, and create the urban humane atmosphere to Nanhai Family. Nanhai Family is composed of seven major subjects, including home-security, home-funds, home-public good, home-environment, home-harmony, home-image and home-culture. We believe that the full launch of the 44 items under "Nanhai Family" project will further improve the sense of belonging and sense of identity of all Nanhai people.